What is SSSSYOGA?  





A Guided Journey Through Elevated Self-Awareness by Slowly Stretching+Strengthening While Stoned.








Class Locations & Times

Through out the month you can find a Syoga class at various locations around Sacramento and the Bay Area

Hot Pot Studios, 1614 K St, Sacramento

Every Sunday @6:30 pm 

Every Monday @6:00pm

Every Thursday @630 pm

Pop- Up Yoga, TBA

Once a month, Bay-Area backyard yoga. Find our secret location through our Instagram @s.yogaclass

Private Sessions

For those of you who would love to try this class but would like it in the comfort of your own home, Great for bachelorette or birthday parties! 



Services & Pricing

Syoga Class 

Whether you're joining a class or doing a private session, it's all the same.  Every class you will strengthen and stretch while stoned...slowly!

Treat yourself to some wellness! 

I apply a mix of breath work, Vinyasa flow, self massage and body awareness technique to every session, designed to offer participants a well-rounded mind and body experience. 

I look forward to seeing you in the studio

With light + love, 

Katy Karns

A SYoga Class

On Site Weekly Classes

60 min class: $10  

Price may vary depending on onsite location ranging $10-$15 

In Home Sessions

Private class 6o min class: $20 person
Private class 90 min class: $25 per person. 


A Cannabis Enhanced Neuromuscular Therapy Session

Massage is another tool to find and become aware of your bodie's holding patterns. With my trigger point massage sessions I do a combination of traction, compressions and finding referring tensions to give you a thorough understanding of how to find relaxation on and off the table. CBD creams and oils come in to find that extra relief. 

Treat your self to a self-care session.

60 min session: $120

90 min session: $145

Questions You May Have. 


What can you expect? 

  • A joint is passed around during the first meditation

  • There is open smoke time during longer holds

  • We explore breath work to find and release tensions

  • Slow core work to gain control of balance

  • CBD oils and topical creams available for use at any time

Is it required to smoke? 

No way! Come breath and stretch with us. Feel free to use the non psychoactive CBC oils and creams as well.  All we are trying to create is a save space non-judgmental environment. 

Why Do Syoga?

I can only tell you why I do it, and its because each session will leaves me feeling strong, refreshed, connected to the body and ready to tackle the world. Its like a guided journey through elevated self awareness, and who cant use a some of that?

Why did I create Syoga?

After tens years of doing bodywork I realized that we as a society are very disconnected with our bodies, my self included. I learned that the benefits from massage were beyond the relaxation that you felt during a session and more have the capability of gaining knowledge of your holding patterns and creating plans to shift your focus on your alignment. After hurting myself with a lack of understanding of proper positioning, my only saving grace was starting yoga. I knew with my first class, that I had to one day get the strength to be able to combine self care and yoga in a class. I found myself taking a couple of tokes before class to enjoy that stretch a little more, but at times I felt a judgement with in my self.  Then it occurred to me that it would be nice to create a space for others who enjoy elevated movement with me. Hence Syoga was born. 

My Education

Neuromuscular Therapist
NHI, Fall 2014

200 HR Yoga Training
Shades of Yoga, Spring 2015

50 HR Ganja Yoga Training  

Ganja Yoga, Summer 2018 

60 HR Yin Yoga Training

Yoga Shala, Spring 2019



So. I am pretty sure that Katy Karns and her S Yoga Class is the best thing to exist on a Sunday.
Maybe ever. Whatever. Lol
CBD oil administered before the class starts, smoke breaks whenever you feel, while you stretch, light pilates incorporated into it, and a teacher who really understands the practice.
I will be back every Sunday for as long as it exists which should absolutely be FOREVER.
Stoner yoga is magic
— Olivia Monahan, Writer at Themashup.Net
Syoga has got to be one of the most relaxing, hilarious, stress relieving activity to do on a Sundays evening. Katy is so wonderful with how she gently moves her class along. I was hooked after day one! HIGHly recommend this for anyone who believes in the medicinal benefits for herb, movement sound and relaxation.
— Jessica Wil, Contortionist
“SYoga is one of the things I look forward to each Sunday. Great chance to chill with some awesome folks while getting stretchy and strong. And Katy Karns is just a force of nature. It’s impossible to not smile in her presence (and sometimes laugh hysterically).”
— Kiersten Schjei
— Jupiter, The Artist

Products I Love

As the the cannabis industry grows

Photo by Katy Karns Photography

Photo by Katy Karns Photography

Amplified Farms

Amplified Cannabis is a Sacramento based cultivator of premium indoor cannabis. They seemed like more then a company and more like a group of friends getting to gather to see how they can use their products to change the game.

They not only cultivate some of the highest grade indoor cannabis but they decided collaborate with Syoga and I am thrilled to promote this local company.

Photo by Katy Karns Photography

Photo by Katy Karns Photography

Blue Ridge Hemp

The CBD Infused Gel is EVERYTHING! It has a coolness that you would get for a tiger balm, (almost) but it has a citrus flavor that is just delightfully calming. I also do my Cannabis-Enhanced Massages with their oil and love not only their tropicals but their CBD flower and superfood products as well. HIGHly recommend ; )

Photo by Katy Karns Photography

Photo by Katy Karns Photography

Pot d’Huile

I am loving adding a dash of this infused oil in everything I make these days. Pot d’Huile pairs the highest quality cannabis flower with certified extra virgin olive oil, sourced from family farms in Northern California. Their site gives dose and cooking recommendations that were easy enough for a stoner to understand.


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